You Have Been Programmed…

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From Thinkbox,
‘TV hardwires brand memories
A bit of science behind this fact. TV is typically processed at a low involvement level, which means the content is less critically analysed but this makes it well suited to thematic or brand messages that need to be remembered for the long-term. Information which enters the memory through low involvement processing gets stored directly via the emotional centres of the brain straight to the long-term, implicit memory without any conscious filtering. TV is an incredibly effective way of increasing a set of associations around a brand. It literally hardwires brands into the brain.

Supporting Evidence

* fMRI scans demonstrate that the two parts of the brain most stimulated when watching audio-visual material (like TV and cinema) are the amygdalla (emotion) and the hippocampus (long term memory encoding). Emotions and long term memory = where brands live. Neuroscience studies from a variety of media companies (Viacom, GMTV and PHD) have confirmed this finding.
* The work of Professor Robert Heath into low involvement processing is worth reading.
* Thinkbox’s sponsorship work (TV sponsorship: a brand’s best friend, with Duckfoot research) showed that the associations linked to the sponsoring brand amongst fans of the programme were strongly related to the associations created by the programme itself
* Thinkbox’s Engagement Study showed that it was ad liking – not recall or brand attribution – that had most relationship with brand perceptions and intention to purchase. This finding reflected the IPA Study conclusion that “it is liking of an ad, not traditional measures like recall or awareness, that is the best indicator of future brand performance”
* TV ads are the most liked of all media advertising (although levels have reduced in recent years)
* The brand engrams – the associations linked to a brand – in our Engagement Study were highly (and noticeably) influenced by the advertising. For many brands, it was the tagline of the TV ad that was the strongest association


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