Beached Rockets

This project is going ahead, as of now May 2011. That’s it, it’ll either be in Unreal UDK or Unity or an animation.  Finally had enough of just thinking about it or doodling in sketchbooks.

The plan is an Episodic adventure game featuring a group of teenagers trying to understand their place beneath the abandoned mega-structures of a Post-Diaspora Starport.

Oh, yes it will be Science fiction, that’s to give me design opportunities to stretch myself with the concepts of the characters and their world.

Episode one features – A trip to the Station.

So stuff to design-

LEV Train- with logos and interior.


Streets- Buildings and Repeating structures.

Street Furniture- Lights, signs, cabling, posts, barrels, stalls, crates,parking meters?

2 Characters-The Mechanic and the Dreamer

Vehicles- Patrol vehicle- Standard Vehicle- Utility Vehicle (Bus/truck back on standard chassis).

Hero Vehicle- A Scooter type single seat- Wheeled (who can afford hover, maybe hover).

HUD’s/graphics/logos etc.

The road system is partly using LEV based technology and the Scooter can only travel on this surface.

Anyway, now it’s up here, available to all and mocking my procrastination, I may have to do something about it.

Designing and conceptualizing in pencil, Painter/photoshop/sketchbook pro and maybe Illustrator for logo’s.

Intending to have a non-photo realistic look, closer to animated Clone Wars/Phillip Bond/Kilian Plunkett/Bilal/ Pelle & Runbergs ‘Orbital’/  cartoon style than realism, but this may change, as I develop my style.

Blocking level and Objects in Maya, may use Max for character biped and Motionbuilder, normal maps via Mudbox. Looking into some basic motion capture using Kinect.

Timeline; Constantly subject to change…

May – Designs

June- Designs, Blocking and Modelling

July -Design, Blocking and modelling test in game engine.

August- October ; As above- Game engine work.

Aiming for Playable demo(just for me; September).

Episode 1- Aiming for November 2011.

As for personal changes;  getting a new job or moving might delay this, or improve it.  One thing I can’t afford is a holiday, so aside from work, time to dedicate to this project.

Starting now..

Thanks to Hesir for his designs for this project, anyone else want to help out, buzz me.




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  1. … Oh and feel free to plunder my blog and DA gallery for any of the sketches you like and want to use or whatever…

    Dude? Are we gonna see your sketchbooks happening on line at long last? Brilliant!!!

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