Continued from last time..

I shall post up some pictures shortly, but the Brandon Generator has turned into an invite to see the final episode at an interesting venue* (well if you’re a film geek). I shall post photo’s on here later of my day out.

In other news, the more competitions you enter, the more chance you have of winning..turns out to be true, won a new book from the nice people at Jonathan Cape just for a doodle on a postcard at ELCAF (East London Comic art fair) seriously, check;

So, if only I could transfer this quick doodle luck to actual monetary luck and make, if not a fortune, at least enough to live on and afford rent!

Also wrote a short two page script for 50Kisses, but I guess it wasn’t quite what they wanted.

Well, no work from Friday till mid-August and flat broke so time to do all those other things that are not college or teaching related;

1. Comic strips and pictures, stories to write for Thought Bubble 2012, yes, check out we have a stand in the Royal Armouries Hall, come along and buy stuff.

Royal Armouries Hall

2. Games to create- Unity and UDK games. At least one of these is Beached Rockets.

3. Board games- Yes, I have some boardgames as I want to use the laser cutter at work. Even play-tested one of them.

4. Stories- illustrated stories, mainly for me.

5. Web site! that actually works and isn’t high-jacked by Russian porn.

6. Drawing and sketching and painting concept art and building models (Marquettes and CG)..

7. Scripts- yes, random scripts and novel ideas to finish..the W———- or T——- or RG any of them, just to have ready to pitch/throw into a giant fire/film..

So, once again it’s up here, on the internet, goading me..

More later..

*it appears in the recent and next#  Batman film.

#because I saw  Gotham police cars/trucks parked outside it last year on my way home.


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